Thursday-Friday the 21st -Synthesis Essay

Thursday- brainstorm and thesis statement

C and C Assignment Gr.11 Sem1 18-

Comparison-contrast-Essay-gr 10-

Thesis statements gr 11-

C and C example gr11 2-

More examples of introductions:

Developing examples (don’t do this!!)

Quote integration and punctuation (see video below)

Friday- work on organization and outline

Monday- Outline

Tuesday-Friday- WRITE in class only 🙂

Thursday- Exploring Identity….

  1. Comma splices and fused sentences.  Quiz on Monday 
  2. When you are done, please copy and paste the “Post Writing” for your story “Totem”. TAG:Totem
  3. Finish up discussion on TED Talk. Do the questions:50 Shades of Gay-
  4. Why choose to explore literature and media written and featuring minorities? (Class discussion)
  5. Watch “Kim’s Convenience”. Does this source answer any of the inquiry questions? If so, what is the answer?
  6. If time, read the following: Globe and Mail- Opinion Piece

Wednesday- “No Bikini” and “50 Shades of Gay”

Inquiry Questions for Synthesis Essay

  1. What has influenced the First Nation’s cultural identity? 
  2. Which source best explains “What it feels like to be …..”
  3. What conflicts may arise when one has a minority identity? What can be done about these conflicts?
  4. How do stereotypes affect a culture/person? 

  1. Finish “No Bikini” as a class. Final assignment due on Thursday.
  2. Answer the following questions after watching this video: 50 Shades of Gay-