Friday- Humanities Project Day

Sorry everyone- I forgot today was the day we will work on our Humanities Project with Mr. Chan’s class. You are to research a social justice campaign with your group and come up with a potential plan to alleviate discrimination.

If you are done early, be sure to talk about your research and don’t forget to document your discussions!

Grade 10 Block B– do another portion of your Poetry Mind Map this weekend. We will continue with “Doll’s House” on Monday.

Grade 10 Honours Block C– This weekend, continue working on “Indian Education” to question #6. Have part one questions completed by Monday. Don’t worry about the “writing analysis” portion (question 6. 7, 8)  Please read the Macleans article about racism in Canada. What is the main message of the article???

On Monday, you will get 50 minutes to either a) do your creative writing project or b) watch episode 2 of Handmaid’s Tale, c) work on your questions for “Indian Horse”.

For the last 30 minutes of class, we will go over “Indian Horse” questions to make sure you understand the story. There will be homework marks awarded for having the questions completed.

Wednesday- Poverty poem + Doll’s House


  1. Before we begin the poem, add a reflection to your blog post under Food and You. In your reflection, state what you are proud of and what you would like to do better next time. Make it a star and two wishes! Eg. I am proud of my use of imagery and I tried real hard to use commas correctly. Next time, I will avoid repetition of words and concentrate on making correct sentences.
  2. Review the “Poverty” poem and do the worksheet.
  3. Do the prewriting for the story “The Doll’s House”. We will read the story in class on Thursday. The Dollhouse- student worksheet-16dizph

Friday- Survey, Mind Map, Humanities Project

  1. Survey (please)
  2. Humanities Project:
    1. get with your partner.
    2. Send a message to your other team members in the conversation
    3. Record your question on the white piece of paper. Post on bulletin board
    4. Look at all the questions. On the coloured paper, suggest a movie, book, song, or poem that answers the question. You are sharing resources! Staple to the board
    5. Read the suggestions. Watch the movie or listen to the song or read the book this weekend 🙂 
    6. Do you have a suggestion for the answer to this question? Eg. How do we eliminate racism? Answer- promote travel to other countries
  3. Work on your mind map AND do the consonance and assonance worksheet