Monday- review reading+ collecting quotes

  1. Review the readings from the weekend
  2. There will be an open book quiz tomorrow
    1. characterization
    2. plot
    3. imagery
    4. setting (time and location)
    5. poetic devices
  3. Read to page 128 by Wednesday 9am.
  4. In your Onenote- you are to record ALL your evidence that answer your inquiry question in the right section. Copy and paste from “content library” to your section. You should have three strong quotes by the end of the day.
    1. write the quote and page number
    2. In your own words, explain how this quote answers your question.

Thursday and Friday

Hello people,

Sorry I am not here today or tomorrow. I am at my grandfather’s 100th birthday in Toronto and my daughter’s hockey tournament. Mrs. Leonard is in for me for the next few days.


30 minutes to work on Spoken word

Read to the end of chapter 9. Be sure to use your stickies to record your thinking AND find words for your logophile.

Do the following questions by Monday: Questions chapter 1-9 abridged

Friday- you will be watching a film with Mr. Chan for the first part of the class. You will have the rest of the block (B block) to work on SS or spoken word or the Indian Horse questions. Make it a productive work block, please 🙂

Wednesday- Indian Horse

  1. TEACH the students in your group about your subject.
  2. ONE person email me a PDF of the powerpoint for your group
  3. Choose ONE question below to answer by the end of the book- keep track of the answers with your stickies!!
  4. Possible Inquiry Questions for Indian Horse
    1. How does one cope with   hardship?
    2. What are the effects of racism on a person? A culture?
    3. What is the relationship between the land and  First Nation’s people of Canada?
    4. What were the effects of residential schools on the First Nation people of Canada?
  5. Logophiles!