Friday- Last Day!

Meet in library


  1. I will be conferencing with groups to show you examples of Literacy Assessment paragraphs
  2. Finish Wonder Project for both ENG and SS.
  3. English document- copy and paste to your ONE NOTE in the “Wonder Project Document” section 

Bk B

  1. Survey for Mr. Chan
  2. Core Competencies-
    1. do questionnaire first.
    2. Do TWO reflections- one for English and one for SS based on the information you did in the questionnaire. Choose artifacts that show growth Riverside CC’s Self Assessment Document (2)
    3. TAG: correctly (see bottom of document)
  3. Checklist:
    1. Wonder Project given to Mr. Chan
    2. Wonder Project reflection for Mrs. T on your ONE NOTE
    3. Two core competency reflections complete and TAGGED correctly
    4. Survey completed

Wednesday- Snow Day :)

Morning everyone. I am sure you turned over and went back to sleep this morning. I know I did!

We will move the presentations to tomorrow, so be ready. You really have no excuse not to be ready now.

Reminder if I forget to tell you tomorrow- bring Student ID to the literary assessment next week. Be sure you know where and when you will be writing the exam.

See you tomorrow- there WILL be school so be ready. Have fun in the snow!!!