Synthesis Essay- all you need!

On Tuesday, we will begin brainstorming for this essay AFTER we go over “The Watch”.

Tomorrow will be group review

For extra reading (if you want) Silence- Short Story

Timeline for the next three weeks:

Tuesday- C and C Assignment 10 ’19 S’2

Compare and Contrast- outline Block

Wednesday (review for the test and continue brainstorming)

Thursday-Thesis Statements for C and C Gr. 10 alt

Friday- test and continue working on thesis

Monday- Begin outline

Tuesday- outline

Wednesday-Tuesday- Write in class!!!!

Here are the links you need to write:

Examples of synthesis essays (good and bad): 

Introduction examples for compare and contrast

Developing Examples Gr.10 IH and SF

Example of intro and body for Danger and Help

Example Synthesis Essay – TKAM & TH


Quotations Reference Sheet

Quotes for practice formatting


Rubric for compare and contrast essay




Monday- The Watch

  1. Do the questions for “The Watch”. They will be due on Tuesday.
  2. There will be a quiz on ALL these poetry terms on Friday. Here is the quizlet to help you out:
  3. There will be a quiz on the following poems and stories on Thursday: “The Watch”, “First They Came for the Jews”, “Danger of Silence”, “What do you remember of the evacuation?” It will be short answer questions. Know the meaning and significance of each of the sources and the poetic devices. Focus on themes and connections to our central question: What are the effects of discrimination and how can we possibly eliminate it?

Synthesis Essay- all the stuff you need!

  1. C and C Assignment Gr.11 Sem 2’19
  2. Compare and Contrast Example Royals vs Juicy
  3. C and C example
  4. Thesis statements gr 11
  5. Compare and Contrast- outline Block
  6. Introduction examples for compare and contrast
  7. Quotations Reference Sheet
  8. Quotes for practice formatting
  9. Rubric for compare and contrast essay updated
  10. Transition Words

Timeline: Monday/Wed/Thur/Fri- brainstorm, thesis writing, research, outline (due Monday). You may take this portion home for homework.

Monday 10-13th- IN CLASS WRITING ONLY. Due Thursday, June 13th at the end of the block. 

Friday- Review of three things….

  1. Persuasive paragraph examples
  2. “No Bikini” review
  3. Identity Unit review (me)
  4. Identity Unit review (you)
  5. Test will be on Tuesday. (make that Wednesday!!!!) We will start brainstorming the synthesis essay on Monday in the last half of the block.
  6. The test will include multiple choice and short answer questions. It will have questions about the poetic devices, the meaning of the sources, the plot, etc. Eg. Is the protagonist in “No Bikini” a dynamic or static character? Explain. (3 marks- for knowing the right answer, linking it to the story, and showing insight into the plot and big idea