Tuesday- Welcome to English 12

Writing sample:

In your OneNote, you have 20 minutes to respond to ONE of the political cartoons. You can write either in expository style (explaining), persuasive (argumentative), or narrative (a story). It all depends on how you connect to the image.

Use the full 20 minutes for writing and then revising. This is your first writing sample for me. Show me what you’ve got!

Evolution of the Seas“Evolution of the Seas” by Osmani Samanca

International Women's Day: Sad Celebrations

“International Women’s Day: Sad Celebrations” by Victor Ndula

Shattered Minds

“Shattered Minds” by Sharif Arafa

Pecha Kucha!




Friday- Last Day!

Meet in library


  1. I will be conferencing with groups to show you examples of Literacy Assessment paragraphs
  2. Finish Wonder Project for both ENG and SS.
  3. English document- copy and paste to your ONE NOTE in the “Wonder Project Document” section 

Bk B

  1. Survey for Mr. Chan
  2. Core Competencies-
    1. do questionnaire first.
    2. Do TWO reflections- one for English and one for SS based on the information you did in the questionnaire. Choose artifacts that show growth Riverside CC’s Self Assessment Document (2)
    3. TAG: correctly (see bottom of document)
  3. Checklist:
    1. Wonder Project given to Mr. Chan
    2. Wonder Project reflection for Mrs. T on your ONE NOTE
    3. Two core competency reflections complete and TAGGED correctly
    4. Survey completed

Wednesday- Snow Day :)

Morning everyone. I am sure you turned over and went back to sleep this morning. I know I did!

We will move the presentations to tomorrow, so be ready. You really have no excuse not to be ready now.

Reminder if I forget to tell you tomorrow- bring Student ID to the literary assessment next week. Be sure you know where and when you will be writing the exam.

See you tomorrow- there WILL be school so be ready. Have fun in the snow!!!