Monday- review reading+ collecting quotes

  1. Review the readings from the weekend
  2. There will be an open book quiz tomorrow
    1. characterization
    2. plot
    3. imagery
    4. setting (time and location)
    5. poetic devices
  3. Read to page 128 by Wednesday 9am.
  4. In your Onenote- you are to record ALL your evidence that answer your inquiry question in the right section. Copy and paste from “content library” to your section. You should have three strong quotes by the end of the day.
    1. write the quote and page number
    2. In your own words, explain how this quote answers your question.


You have 30 minutes to practice your spoken word with a friend. We begin tomorrow!!

Free Write

On your OneNote, respond to the following prompt in a narrative style. You have 20 minutes to free write this. Pay attention to spelling, grammar, sophisticated vocab.

Go over “Steps” answers.