Thursday- “Food and You”

  1. Share your restaurant with the people in your group. Tell them why it reflects you and describe the food.
  2. Watch the video- what words are used to describe the restaurant and the food? On your brainstorm, record descriptive (level 2) words that sound good to you.
  3. Writing Analysis- Let’s look at how a restaurant review is written. Look for comma usage, Comma-Cheat Sheet- word choice and content. Restaurant Review: Tastes of modern Canada in Chinatown
  4. We will write an in-class paragraph on Monday. We will do revisions on Tuesday. It is due on Wednesday- printed and corrected.

Wednesday- Misplaced Modifiers + Notes

  1. Misplaced Modifiers: No Red Ink assignment. Due tomorrow
  2. Notes for your Inquiry Organizer. Here are two non-fiction pieces that touch on “fake news” and “censorship”. Read the one on Fake News and record quotes and notes that answer the inquiry question. I will show you how in class.
    1. Censorship
    2. Fake News
  3. On Thursday, you will do the “Censorship” article (or the article about civil disobedience) on your own.
  4. For Monday- you are to find ONE more article about ONE of the questions. It can be on fake news, censorship or civil disobedience.
    1. You are to insert link into your organizer and do a citation
    2. Record the notes in your organizer.

Thursday- Prose Devices

Finish off the movie

In your group, complete the prose sheet for the movie: Prose Fiction Terms-Ferris B movie-

For Tuesday: TEST

  1. Pathways to a theme – I will give you a kid’s book that you will analyze by yourself. You may have your “cheat sheets” to help with formatting and what is required so don’t forget your pink and green sheets.
  2. Prose Terms- It will be a mix of written, multiple choice and matching. I will make the test off of the Quizlet site so review this weekend: Quizlet for Prose Terms

Also- I want you to think of your favourite restaurant and HOW IT REFLECTS YOU. Know this by Wednesday of next week.

Thursday- Paragraphs returned + continue working on Pathways to a Theme

  1.  Corrections for paragraphs:Fix the mistakes-
  2. For homework, please
    1. do the corrections on your paragraphs.
    2. Post it to your blog
    3. Title: “The Human Condition: ________”
    4. Add your image
    5. TAG: humanconditionC
    6. This will be your first reflection/blog mark so I suggest you do it 🙂
  3. Continue working on Pathways- get 1.5 books done by the end of the block. We will have both books done by Friday at the end of class. Get it checked by me!!