Monday- Grammar and “Masque of the Red Death”

1.No Red Ink

2. Quick Write

3. Vocabulary for short story: Vocabulary List- Masque of-20x5s8z

Template for “logophile” Logophile Template-1h4o4ny

4. Outline for short story:The Masque of the Red Death- worksheet-x5turt.

Please do the “Prewriting” paragraph for Wednesday AND the vocabulary. You will need to know these words to understand the story

Test on “Pathways to a theme” tomorrow….

Tuesday- Children’s Books + Review

  • Review theme statements and inquiry questions
  • Working with a partner, read a children’s book and fill in the “Pathways to a Theme” assignment EACH. Both of you have to do the thinking but you can share answers on paper. Read with intention and pay attention to details.
  • Commonly confused words review on No Red Ink. To be finished by Monday as there will be a quiz on Monday for the following commonly confused words: Everyday, Everyone, Anyone, Affect, Well
  • Quiz Thursday on prose terms!!!