Monday- Spoken Word + Poem Analysis

  1. I have to share these concrete poems with you. They make me laugh!! Concrete Poems- Blue Lipstick-
  2. 45 minutes to work on Creative Writing DRAFT and Narrative Corrections and Reflection
    1. Make corrections to your narrative essay document based on my suggestions.
    2. Post to your blog (if you want it to be private, put on a password)
  3. Core Competencies Reflection Core Competencies Self-Assessment (Word)-
  4. For the CC Reflection above, choose from any of the following ideas:
    1. Creativity- How did this narrative show your creative writing skills? How did you try to make this story unusual yet effective? How hard was it to find a topic? What obstacles occurred that may have hampered your communication?
    2. Personal Awareness- do you think this essay reflects who you are? Is it a “snapshot” of YOU. How? Does showing your story help you reflect on healthy life decisions? Are you proud of your work?
  5. When you are done, attach this reflection to the blog post. TAG it with the appropriate TAG for the CC and TAG:NarrativeC (so two tags)

For the rest of the block, finish analyzing your poem. It is due tomorrow!! On Tuesday, you will be teaching the other people in your group the meaning and structures of your poem.

Friday- Humanities Project

Today, you will get with your group and discuss your research.

  1. Record your discussion or film it.
  2. Discuss the results of your research. What did you learn? Take turns presenting to your group.
  3. Evaluate your own sources according to the CRAAP test. Do you think you need better sources to answer your question or do they pass the CRAAP test? Be ready to defend your opinion. Evaluating Information- The crap test-
  4. Realize that each class has been learning for the past two months. (Humanity in Literature in English and History and Government with Mr. Chan) Can you bring any of this learning into your discussion? 
  5. After presenting what you have learned, answer your question!! How do we alleviate discrimination against ____________________? Record on your exit slip.
  6. Now what are you going to do with this knowledge? What campaign are you going to do as a group to make an impact??
  7. What is your next step? Get to it!
  8. Fill in the group reflection and then your personal one. Give to your teacher before you leave class.
  9. See everyone on Nov. 8th. This is our last session before the holidays.
  10. Social justice project complete by Dec. 20th. Be sure to film it!!!

Tuesday- “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”

What I learned from teaching “Harlem: A Dream Deferred”:

Essential Question: How does one express their racial identity through poetry? The final assignment will be this question answered in paragraph form. Be warned 🙂

The Negro Speaks of Rives-

Only watch the Crash Course AFTER you have analyzed the poem. Then, use it to extend your understanding of the poem.

Tuesday- Research

You should have most, if not all, of your research done to prove your position.

Two more sources you can use as a “counter” argument OR if it is better than the ones you already have….

  1. The Stanford Prison Experiment
  2. The Politics of Fear: A Canadian Tradition
  3. Trump and the Fear of Immigrants

Which ones support your position and which ones refute? Can you use any of them for your persuasion?