Wednesday- Intro to Lord of the Flies

  1. Please participate in the following survey for the Psychology class. It will only take 1 minute of your time.
  2. Show me your completed “Masque of the Red Death” assignment WITH the visualization
  3. Do the vocabulary and short story quiz
  4. When complete, be sure you are done the biography of William Golding. We will be going over the answers.
  5. Surviving on a desert island…..Journal Entry in ONE NOTE under “Class Notes” – Kid Nation- What do you think life would be like if you were set on a deserted island and forced to live without adults? How would you set up a “Kid Nation” with other teenagers? How would you govern, educate, care for and feed yourself? In a short journal entry OR diagram OR point form notes, describe your Kid Nation in relation to the above issues. Remember, you are with other teenagers but no adults and there is no civilization on the island.

Monday- Catch up + Poetry Intro

Work Block (with a new assignment thrown in 🙂

  1. Six-Word Memoir – finish your poster for tomorrow
  2. Study for Commonly Confused Words Quiz (tomorrow on No Red Ink). Study by creating a sentence for each word on a document.
  3. Go over the Human Condition Paragraph- do corrections and post on blog by TOMORROW to get completion marks

Monday- Finish “Masque of the Red Death”


  1. Do the corrections for your “Human Condition” paragraph.
    1. Do the corrections for your paragraph
    2. Post to blog. TAG:HumanconditionD
    3. Add your image with a link or citation
    4. Make the title your question
  2. Create a sentence for EACH of the commonly confused word we have studied so far. Do this on a document and save to English. We will have a QUIZ on these words tomorrow.

2. Finish the assignment questions 1-5 for the short story. Work in your groups to hash out the theme statement and the inquiry.

Questions to extend thinking:

  • What was going on in 1840 that would influence Poe to write a story like this? Who was in power in the USA at this time?
  • The language is sophisticated. Who is Poe’s audience?

Vocab– Quiz Wednesday! I will give you a sentence- you choose the right word. I will have 20 sentences, you only have to do 15 of them.

4. When you are finished, show me your visualization AND your finished assignment. YOu will get completion marks. You have until Wednesday to finish ALL of the assignments.


  • Commonly confused words quiz on No Red Ink


  • Worksheet is due (Prewriting, questions 1-5, Post- writing) AND the visualization.
  • Vocab quiz (matching word with sentence)
  • 3 questions on “Masque of the Red Death”. Short answers. Be sure to know the symbols, the themes and the term allegory.