Friday- Finish “Sugar Falls” + Spoken Word Time

  1. Spoken Word Writing and revising time. Where are you at? Spoken Word Presentation-
  2. Finish Sugar Falls for Monday
  3. In your group of four, you are to choose ONE of the topics listed. Follow the directions. This is due by MONDAY so yes, it is homework. Introduction Activities-
  4. We will begin reading the novel on Monday, but first you will present your research to your group.
  5. Summary: Finish Sugar Falls for Monday. Finish your research for Monday. 

Thursday- Finish test + TKAM reading

  1. Finish test
  2. Review chapter 3
    1. Compare Burris Ewell to Walter Cunningham
    2. In this chapter we learn about more about the Finches, the Cunninghams,
      and the Ewells. Which of the characters in this chapter have the most
      power and the highest status in Maycomb? Which have the least power
      and status? What accounts for those differences?
  3. Read until we stop…
    1. How does Jem use stereotypes about gender to influence Scout? How
      does Scout feel about her gender? How do you know?
  4. You have ONE character to follow for the next few chapters: Scout, Jem, or Atticus. Use your stickies to find examples of direct and indirect characterization. Record one example of direct characterization and one example of indirect characterization of your character in your One Note.