Tuesday- Spoken Word!!!

  1. Time to start spoken word! Here is the outline: Spoken Word Presentation

2. We will watch a variety of videos today too.

3. You MUST have a topic by Thursday!!!! Just a topic is fine.

4. Figurative Language in Poetry! You are to know ALL of these terms for English 10.: poetry_terminology_10-

5. Do this worksheet to help you learn them: Poetry Terms Graphic Organizer

6. That sheet is due by Monday!!!



Friday- Spoken Word

Look what I found- an Ode! Why is it an ode? Ode to a Mango

Spoken Word: Spoken Word Presentation

You need a topic by Monday!!!!!!

Reminder… you will have a test on Monday. It will include ALL of the poetic devices on this: poetry_terminology_11-

AND it will include “O’Me, O’Life” and “Captain, My Captain” AND Dead Poet’s Society. Go online and get an even deeper understanding of the two poems and how they relate to the movie. 


Tuesday- Review Structures of Poetry+ More Devices

  1. Quick review of structure of a poem
  2. Metonymy and Synecdoche lessons :Metonymy and Synecdoche worksheet-
  3. Device practice. identifying poetic devices-
  4. Sound Device practice:
  5. BTW- Test on Monday instead: poetic devices and the two poems we will analyze on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.