Thursday- “Totem”

  1. Read “Totem” and do the questions. Totem- worksheet ’17-
  2. For Friday, have the symbolism sheet done and the questions up to “Irony”. We will go over them.  Then you will have 30 minutes  to do the questions on irony, satire, theme statement and inquiry question with a partner.
  3. The story: Totem-
  4. Remember to get the persuasive essay corrected, add an image, add a reflection, TAG it. (See yesterday’s directions)

Wednesday- Finish spoken word +”Totem”

  1. Finish Spoken word
  2. Return persuasive essays.
    1. Do corrections (especially grammar and quote mechanics)
    2. Do not worry about doing the big corrections such as argument, thesis or more detail…. just grammar.
    3. Post corrected document to your blog WITH AN IMAGE THAT REPRESENTS YOUR THESIS
    4.  Below or above your image, reflect on the essay. What is one thing you are proud of and two things you want to improve for your synthesis essay.
    5. TAG:PersuasiveA (or D)
    6. Give me back your essay for safe keeping. I will return when we do the synthesis.
    7. Due on Friday!!!

Wednesday- Spoken Word, Narratives Returned

  1. Spoken Word
  2. Narratives returned
    1. Do the grammar corrections. Do not worry about the BIG suggestions.
    2. Post the completed document to your blog
    3. Insert a photo- either from your photo library or from Images
  3. Core Competencies Reflection Core Competencies Self-Assessment (Word)-
  4. For the CC Reflection above, choose from any of the following ideas:
    1. Creativity- How did this narrative show your creative writing skills? How did you try to make this story unusual yet effective? How hard was it to find a topic? What obstacles occurred that may have hampered your communication?
    2. Personal Awareness- do you think this essay reflects who you are? Is it a “snapshot” of YOU. How? Does showing your story help you reflect on healthy life decisions? Are you proud of your work?
  5. When you are done, attach this reflection to the blog post. TAG it with the appropriate TAG for the CC and TAG:NarrativeB (so two tags)