Friday- Survey, Mind Map, Humanities Project

  1. Survey (please)
  2. Humanities Project:
    1. get with your partner.
    2. Send a message to your other team members in the conversation
    3. Record your question on the white piece of paper. Post on bulletin board
    4. Look at all the questions. On the coloured paper, suggest a movie, book, song, or poem that answers the question. You are sharing resources! Staple to the board
    5. Read the suggestions. Watch the movie or listen to the song or read the book this weekend 🙂 
    6. Do you have a suggestion for the answer to this question? Eg. How do we eliminate racism? Answer- promote travel to other countries
  3. Work on your mind map AND do the consonance and assonance worksheet

Friday- Finish Handmaid’s Tale + Misplaced Modifiers

  1. Misplaced Modifiers on No Red Ink (just do the first assignment- don’t do the second)
  2. Finish the worksheet for Handmaid’s Tale by reading the interview and answer the questions
  3. Discuss as a class: Is Margaret Atwood a feminist? How is this dystopia similar to Harrison Bergeron? What can you take from these two stories to apply to your Humanities project?
  4. The worksheet is to be complete by Tuesday. I will be looking for homework marks. We will have a quiz on the two stories on WEDNESDAY next week.
  5. Addition: Question #5. Please answer this on a separate document PRINTED to be handed in on Tuesday. Handmaid’s writing assignment-Be sure your explanation is well written and insightful. Use specific examples from the TV show AND specific examples from your news article. When quoting, be sure to put quotation marks around the quote.

Thursday and Friday- Chapter 3

  • Block A– you should only be at the presentations for 30-40 minutes!  Be back in class by 9:40 and I will read chapter 3 to you.
  • Also, don’t forget to take your “fear” photo and post on blog (TAG: Fear) for class Friday. Be ready to discuss. Be artsy and insightful 🙂
  • When we are done reading chapter 3 (11 pages), you will be asked to do the questions and the logophile for chapter 3. You will have most of the class on Friday to work on these assignments. Due on Tuesday- get it done in class so you have no homework this weekend 🙂
  • Friday- Misplaced Modifiers plus homework block (just do the first exercise for No Red Ink- don’t do the set)

Block D- 

  • “Fear photo”. Fear Photo-
  • Read chapter 3
  • Do questions and logophile for chapter 3. Due Tuesday.
  • Friday- homework block + Misplaced Modifiers


Wednesday- Grammar + Chapter 2 questions

  1. Misplaced modifiers on No Red Ink
  2. “Fear” photograph is due on Friday now due to the University visit. Please let me know if you are going AND you must check in with me for attendance at 9am. You will be required to read chapter 3 on your own for Friday morning.
  3. Work on chapter 2 questions and logophile
  4. Watch the movie up to the end of chapter 2.
  5. Maybe read part of chapter 3?