Monday- vocab and imagery in “Indian Horse”

1.We will read chapter 16-21 today

As you read, I want you to record the imagery with stickies AND your inquiry question.

Vocabulary- choose FIVE words you want to know from chapter 16-21. In OneNote,

  1. record the word,
  2. the sentence from the novel,
  3. find the definition that works for your sentence,
  4. make up your own sentence using your name (or something to make it personal)

Imagery- choose ONE example of imagery from the novel that stuck with you.

  1. Copy it out into OneNote.
  2. Respond to the quote.
    1. Why did it stick with you? Be detailed.
    2. How can you connect to this image?
    3. Do you see any poetic devices? If so, point them out.
    4. Can you find an image from the internet that looks like the picture in your head? Copy and paste and be sure to cite the website underneath.
  3. We will have a small quiz on characterization on Wednesday. Be sure your OneNote is complete.


Friday- Read “Indian Horse”

  1. Read up to chapter….
  2. Record answers to your essential questions on One Note
  3. Fill in characterization for Father Ignacius
  4. No Red Ink- more practice in comma splices
    1. Narrative essay post
      1. image
      2. reflection/core competencies
      3. corrected narrative
      4. TAG:NarrativeB
    2. Spoken Word Post
      1. take a photo of your reflection
      2. TAG:SpokenwordB
    3. All No Red INK

Thursday- “Totem”

  1. Read “Totem” and do the questions. Totem- worksheet ’17-
  2. For Friday, have the symbolism sheet done and the questions up to “Irony”. We will go over them.  Then you will have 30 minutes  to do the questions on irony, satire, theme statement and inquiry question with a partner.
  3. The story: Totem-
  4. Remember to get the persuasive essay corrected, add an image, add a reflection, TAG it. (See yesterday’s directions)

Wednesday- Finish spoken word +”Totem”

  1. Finish Spoken word
  2. Return persuasive essays.
    1. Do corrections (especially grammar and quote mechanics)
    2. Do not worry about doing the big corrections such as argument, thesis or more detail…. just grammar.
    3. Post corrected document to your blog WITH AN IMAGE THAT REPRESENTS YOUR THESIS
    4.  Below or above your image, reflect on the essay. What is one thing you are proud of and two things you want to improve for your synthesis essay.
    5. TAG:PersuasiveA (or D)
    6. Give me back your essay for safe keeping. I will return when we do the synthesis.
    7. Due on Friday!!!