1. Watch the end of the movie
  2. Homework check-“The Watch” and “Evacuation” poem and Letters to the Front on blog
  3. Debrief “The Watch” and “Evacuation”
  4. Begin No Red Ink- begin with “Formatting Quotes” (This is for homework over the next week)

Wednesday- Read!

  1. Eva’s PechaKucha (Katie is on Thursday)
  2. Hand in your essays
  3. Read portion #5 of your novel. There is no set assignment for this portion. Tomorrow, you will discuss your novel through the feminist lens and write a group reflection. “In our novel, we see….”
  4. Schedule: Thursday– discuss and grammar/ Friday– read portion #6 and begin assignment/Tuesday– assignment due ( we are bumping the reading and assignments into a two day period now, not three)

Wednesday- Finish “The Watch”

  1. Letters from Front returned- do the corrections and post to your blog. TAG:Letter   Title: Letter To/From the Front
  2. No Red Ink- Connecting clauses with semicolons and colons
  3. Continue working on questions from “The Watch”.
  4. Last 20 minutes of class- theme statements in a group and then savagely analyze them
  5. Everything due for a homework mark on Tuesday.

Tuesday- In-class essay

Using only an outline, your story and a thesaurus, write your essay in class.

Be sure to format your quotes properly, include a works cited at the end of the essay.

Reminder of academic writing: present tense, no contractions, slang or colloquial language. 

When you are done, print the essay and give to me.

Monday- “The Watch”

  1. Remember that your “re-genre” of Eva’s Story is due tomorrow. Please have it printed for me.
  2. Do the vocabulary and the pre- writing from this assignment and read the author’s biography https://www.biography.com/writer/elie-wiesel
  3. While you are working, show me your combining sentences from your essay with Mr. Chan
  4. After 40 minutes of vocab building and descriptive writing, we will read the story