Friday- last day of reading!!

  1. Discuss Assignment #6 for portion #7.
  2. Finish the book this weekend. There is NO assignment for this final portion. We will discuss the ending of your books and create a series of theme statements on Monday.
  3. Corrections for your expository essay is due on Monday. TAG: Expository1 with an image (always)
  4. Marks are now CLOSED. What you see is what you get for term 1 unless I have made a mistake. See me if I have.


  1. Watch the end of the movie
  2. Homework check-“The Watch” and “Evacuation” poem and Letters to the Front on blog
  3. Debrief “The Watch” and “Evacuation”
  4. Begin No Red Ink- begin with “Formatting Quotes” (This is for homework over the next week)

Wednesday- Read!

  1. Eva’s PechaKucha (Katie is on Thursday)
  2. Hand in your essays
  3. Read portion #5 of your novel. There is no set assignment for this portion. Tomorrow, you will discuss your novel through the feminist lens and write a group reflection. “In our novel, we see….”
  4. Schedule: Thursday– discuss and grammar/ Friday– read portion #6 and begin assignment/Tuesday– assignment due ( we are bumping the reading and assignments into a two day period now, not three)

Wednesday- Finish “The Watch”

  1. Letters from Front returned- do the corrections and post to your blog. TAG:Letter   Title: Letter To/From the Front
  2. No Red Ink- Connecting clauses with semicolons and colons
  3. Continue working on questions from “The Watch”.
  4. Last 20 minutes of class- theme statements in a group and then savagely analyze them
  5. Everything due for a homework mark on Tuesday.