Tuesday- The Great Mini-Debate

  1. Follow my instructions for the mini-debate
  2. There will be a open poem test on Thursday. It will have
    1. What was the Harlem Renaissance? (Where, when, why, what)
    2. Yet Do I Marvel
    3. The Negro Speaks of Rivers
    4. Two take home questions that will be answered on TEAMS. I will give you the questions at the end of this block. They can be copied and pasted to TEAMS on Thursday, or you can do it in class on Thursday if you think you have time.
    5. There will be 15 minutes at the beginning of class on Wednesday to share ideas with your peers.
  3. Questions for the test on Thursday. I suggest having an outline to answer the questions quickly in class.
  4. Questions below:
  5. 1. Using the evidence and arguments from our debate, do you think the story To Kill a Mockingbird should be taught in schools? Write a chunky paragraph that includes one piece of evidence from the debate AND one counterargument for the other side’s argument to prove your point. (10 marks based on insight and evidence. Can you link the themes of the poems with this question? )

Begin with “I think/don’t think that TKAM should be taught in schools because….”

 2. How does one express their racial identity through poetry?

In a correctly formatted paragraph, answer ONE of the questions:

  1. How do the two poems compare (same) and contrast (different) in their use of structure to reflect their identity? OR
  2. How do the two poems compare (same) and contrast (different) in their use of figurative devices (tone, imagery, devices) to reflect their identity?

You should include two pieces of evidence with at least one quote. It will be worth 10 marks based on insight/understanding (not word count) and grammar. I will not mark your quote mechanics but try and format the best you can.

Friday- Homework

  1. You are to read these three articles over the weekend.
  2. Note!! Go Set a Watchman is a novel by Harper Lee that was written in the 50’s but published in 2015. In the novel, Atticus is a “pro-segregation” lawyer who is quite racist. When the book came out, there was much debate. This is mentioned in these articles.
  3. You are to do a “Seeing Both Sides” for all three articles by Tuesday morning. I suggest doing two this weekend and one on Monday night. There will be time to go deeper with your group on Tuesday so just do what you can this weekend and save anything else to Monday night. Manage your time.

NY Times- Hope is still valuable

WPost- The Truth about White People

NYT The White Savior

On Tuesday, you will be put into two groups:

  1. TKAM should be taught in schools
  2. TKAM should not be taught in schools

The criteria will be based mostly on the representation of African Americans but other arguments are welcomed.

Seeng Both Sides

Representation in film

Narratives returned. Corrections due Monday, Nov. 22nd. You are asked to

  1. do any corrections suggested- mostly grammatical. Do it on TEAMS and make sure it is in “editing” so it is red.  You do not have to rewrite or make major changes unless you want to redo it. If you do, you must show me what you have done with your new copy
  2. At the top of the essay, above the title, reflect on three things:
    1. short description of your creative process (inspiration, writing environment, taking breaks, collaboration?)
    2. Two things you are proud of
    3. Two things you want to improve or change for next time.

Tuesday- Music and Spoken Word

Today, you will

  1. Watch/listen to “Heart” and fill in the organizer
  2. watch/listen ALL the sources that I provide on PPT. Use your earphones or go into the hall with one friend.
  3. Choose ONE to take notes on your organizer. I have changed it to fit your suggestions. You can use the old one, or transfer your notes to this one.
  4. Complete the Digital Journal entries and hand in.