Monday, January 4th- Lens paragraph and end of book discussion

Happy Holidays and welcome back 🙂

  1. Arts activity
  2. End of book discussion and theme statement:
  3. Break
  4. Lens paragraph #2. Write your second paragraph in which you analyze the book from a new lens.
    1. Write it on a Word Doc first and hand in to TEAMS for a completion mark.
    2. Copy and paste onto this new Padlet #2
  5. Prepare for your discussion tomorrow. This is the last one and will be assessed out of /10. There will be a FORMS tomorrow that you can use to self assess yourself and others in your group based on their participation and engagement. I will give that to you after your discussion tomorrow.
  6. Narrative Essay returned. /5 marks for doing the corrections AND adding a reflection. Above the title of your essay, tell me two things you are proud of and two things you would improve for your next writing assignment (in any subject). Put this in TEAMS