Monday- Discussion

Morning everyone

Remember class is now at 10:05.

I will ask you do do a video check in with me on either Thursday between 10:05-11:15  OR Friday between 10:05-11:15. Please fill in the Forms if you want Thursday or Friday and if you want the first half of the block or the second. We will have a brief chat about your project. If you want to talk some more, we can schedule another appointment.

Appointment Sign Up

The discussion document is on TEAMS under assignments. Here is the FORMS link- please do it when you are done your discussions.

After your discussions, discuss your project with your group. Take turns describing what you are going to do and get ideas and feedback from others.

I will not be available tomorrow as my son is graduating and I will be with him all day 🙂 But I am available all day today and Wed-Friday of this week. And the weekend, really 🙂

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