Friday- Lens Discussion + Final Project

Today we will get into your groups to discuss the lens paragraph.

After you are done discussing your second paragraph, choose your BEST paragraph to hand in on TEAMS. Ask the people in your group which one is the most insightful and use that one.

Note on assessment:

___ /100 (divided by 50 points for the report card)

  • Participation and preparedness for Monday Discussions- /25 (now 20 marks as I will take your lowest mark off)
  • Tech Assignment + reflection #1-  /25
  • Literary lens and connection questions- /20 (now out of 15)
  • Tech assignment + reflection #2-  /30 (now out of 40 – 30 plus 5 and 5 for the two reflections)

Decide on roles for final discussions on Monday. Your discussion should focus on the ending and the themes of this book. For assessment, this will be based out of 10 marks that you will self assess on a FORMS. I will look at the “handed in” document to reinforce your numbers.

Before you go off into your group, I will explain your final project. I will be “in class” the whole block for questions.

Here is the project:

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