Friday’s Class

Hello everyone,

I am in the building on Friday so if you really want to get a paper copy of the novel instead of using your computer, email me and I can set something up for you. I will bring my disinfectant with me and put the book in a bag 🙂 We can figure out a hand off strategy.

For Friday’s class:

  1. I have read all your lens paragraphs (you are so smart!) and I have chosen some of the best ones to put onto one central padlet. I have taken off the names. I tried to get a variety so don’t think yours is not good if it is not on there. I would like you to take some time in this class to read some of them to get an idea on how to do each one. Stellar Examples of Lens Analysis
  2. On Friday, the 29th, you will be asked to explore your book through a different lens. By the end of class today, decide which lens you will use. It must not be the one you did last week.
  3. Read the next 4/5 of the novel for Monday. We will be going back to the discussion format on Monday. Choose who is the recorder, inquiry person, and leader. Be prepared for Monday. READ MY COMMENTS from past posts to get feedback.
  4. Be ready to discuss your text to text connection. All you need to have is the inquiry question you are investigating, the title of the source that answers your question and then evidence that answers the question. Similar to what you have been doing in the discussions on Monday.
  5. Post this source and the evidence to the group’s padlet.
  6. Discuss with group.
  7. Start thinking which question you will focus on for the final project (you have to answer the question in the project. The platform will depend on the grade. More of this to follow.) and if you want to watch the movie/read the book/watch the show so you can use it in your research.

See you on Monday 🙂

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