Monday, March 30th – Oral Storytelling

I hope you are feeling healthy and your family is doing well.  I also hope you are in a safe place of social isolation. I am sure you are missing your friends, and I know you must be even more upset that this is happening in your senior year. I feel for you. I really hope we can all return back to our normal lives sooner than expected.

As your teacher, I am still waiting to hear what the rest of the year will look like for you. As for Capstone, I don’t know about that either; I should know by next week. Us teachers are just as anxious to find all this out as you may be.

I am writing to you to you to discuss the oral storytelling unit that is due today.

Here are the details:

  • It is due 9am Monday, March 29th. I will begin marking then as I wait for my instructions on continued learning for grade 12 English. There are no extensions.
  • Please mark your “pages” exactly as shown below. It is too confusing when you all have different titles and OneNote can’t organize for me properly.
    • Split Tooth
    • Legend of the Sugar Girl
    • Traplines
  • Fill in the green portions of the rubric on the “Oral Storytelling” page. NOTE: I am marking only ONE of your assignments so choose your BEST (most insightful) and write it on the top.
    • As noted at the top of the rubric, you will get 1/3 of your mark deleted for each assignment not complete. So for example, if you choose “Traplines” as your best assignment and you get 24/30, but don’t complete “Split Tooth”, you will only get 16.8/30. I will be looking at all three, but concentrating on one. I may need to look at another assignment to fully assess all the criteria on the rubric. If you have done minimal work on the other assignments, I will be taking marks off the final grade.
    • I will be asking you to self-assess the “participation” mark. It does affect your final grade.
  • Please add your “arts-based” assignment to the story in which it is related. Be sure to add the explanation. NOTE: some of these were given to me on Friday and I did not bring them home. When I get back into my classroom late next week, I will get them. For those of you who did leave them there, can you email me? For those who did a visual, can you take a photo and add to your OneNote under the story’s page? Thank you!!
  • Marking key
    • Yellow= good thinking!
    • Blue= you have a vague idea and your thinking needs to be extended
    • Red= wrong or insufficient
    • Shaded= obvious mechanical/grammar issues

I think that is it. I will be on my computer all morning so if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Take care everyone!

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