Monday, March 30th

Morning everyone,

I hope you are feeling physically and mentally healthy this morning. The past two weeks have been surreal, haven’t they?

At this point, we are still unclear what your “continuing education” will look like.  Mrs. Okabe and I are awaiting further instructions from the District and Province. Please keep checking your email and this edublog as we learn more about finishing this semester online.

Take care! Mrs. Thomasen and Mrs. Okabe


Monday, March 30th – Oral Storytelling

I hope you are feeling healthy and your family is doing well.  I also hope you are in a safe place of social isolation. I am sure you are missing your friends, and I know you must be even more upset that this is happening in your senior year. I feel for you. I really hope we can all return back to our normal lives sooner than expected.

As your teacher, I am still waiting to hear what the rest of the year will look like for you. As for Capstone, I don’t know about that either; I should know by next week. Us teachers are just as anxious to find all this out as you may be.

I am writing to you to you to discuss the oral storytelling unit that is due today.

Here are the details:

  • It is due 9am Monday, March 29th. I will begin marking then as I wait for my instructions on continued learning for grade 12 English. There are no extensions.
  • Please mark your “pages” exactly as shown below. It is too confusing when you all have different titles and OneNote can’t organize for me properly.
    • Split Tooth
    • Legend of the Sugar Girl
    • Traplines
  • Fill in the green portions of the rubric on the “Oral Storytelling” page. NOTE: I am marking only ONE of your assignments so choose your BEST (most insightful) and write it on the top.
    • As noted at the top of the rubric, you will get 1/3 of your mark deleted for each assignment not complete. So for example, if you choose “Traplines” as your best assignment and you get 24/30, but don’t complete “Split Tooth”, you will only get 16.8/30. I will be looking at all three, but concentrating on one. I may need to look at another assignment to fully assess all the criteria on the rubric. If you have done minimal work on the other assignments, I will be taking marks off the final grade.
    • I will be asking you to self-assess the “participation” mark. It does affect your final grade.
  • Please add your “arts-based” assignment to the story in which it is related. Be sure to add the explanation. NOTE: some of these were given to me on Friday and I did not bring them home. When I get back into my classroom late next week, I will get them. For those of you who did leave them there, can you email me? For those who did a visual, can you take a photo and add to your OneNote under the story’s page? Thank you!!
  • Marking key
    • Yellow= good thinking!
    • Blue= you have a vague idea and your thinking needs to be extended
    • Red= wrong or insufficient
    • Shaded= obvious mechanical/grammar issues

I think that is it. I will be on my computer all morning so if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Take care everyone!