Thursday- Circle Talk

A. Reminder there will be a quiz on the poetic devices, the biography of the poets, the main historical events of the Harlem Renaissance, and the meaning of the poems. You do not need to look outside the sources we used in class.

B. How do these poets express their identity in their poems? Remember, that will be the question for your “choice” poem. You cannot copy and paste your paragraph onto the test- you should remember your main points and be ready to write a chunky paragraph  on the test.

C. After the Circle Talk, I ask that you reflect on the experience in OneNote in “journal entry” with the title “Circle Talk”. Due MONDAY. Choose ONE to discuss in a chunky, insightful paragraph:

  1. Choose ONE of the First Nations Principals of Learning and explain how  this experience reflected this principle? Eg. how did this experience show you that learning is embedded in memory, history and story?
  2. How can one learn through aural and oral communication?
  3. How did this exercise build community in this room?


Synthesis Essay- last in-class day

Pecha Kuchas- Mark and River 🙂 

Process of writing:

  1. Brainstorm- check!
  2. Organize your ideas- check!
  3. Write your rough draft- check!
  4. Edit….Reminders about academic writing:
    1. Formal- no “I” “We” “You”, no slang
    2. No conversational language: eg. This quote shows…. or… This essay shows
    3. When analyzing literature, it is in the present tense
    4. After stating their first and last name in the introduction, you can then refer to the authors by their last name only
    5. Abbreviate the title of the poem after the introduction. Eg. “Marvel” “Rivers” “Juicy”
    6. BOLD your thesis
    7. BOLD your example of combining two complete thoughts with THAMO and BOLD your example of interrupting a thought with THAMO
  5. Have it printed and stapled for me for the beginning of class tomorrow. No title page needed.
  6. Conclusions: Here is an example of two good ones from grade 10 students

Monday- Citations and In-text Citations + Write!!

  1. How to do a citation for an old source (our poems in this case). It entails some research!
  2. In-text citations for poetry. Basic rule: “…..” (Last name line #). Eg. Hughes writes, “I’ve known rivers/ancient dusky rivers” (Hughes 1-2).
  3. No Red Ink- formatting MLA quotes
  4. One Note- “Essay Writing” Do your introduction today.

Synthesis Essay Time Line

Friday– THAMO and connecting sentences. Continue with thesis. Learn how to organize your evidence. Begin outline for the body paragraphs. Homework: outline completed for the 2-3 body paragraphs.

Monday– More THAMO work- using it at the beginning of a sentence or as an interrupter. How to do in-text citations. Write introduction and beginning of first paragraph.

Tuesday– Write body paragraphs.

Wednesday– PechaKuchas (River and Mark) Conclusion and revisions. BOLD your thesis. BOLD one sentence in which you used a THAMO to combine two sentences AND BOLD one sentence in which you used a THAMO to start a sentence, end a sentence or interrupt a sentence.

Thursday- guest speaker.

Monday– Quiz on the poetic devices, structure, biographies, history of the HRen, meaning of the poems (Juicy, Yet, Rivers).  The last question will be “how does your optional poem reflect the author’s identity?”. Answer in a short paragraph. You can prepare for this over the weekend.



Wednesday- Synthesis Essay

  1. No Red Ink- combining sentences with FANBOYS
  2. Vote for the lyrical free verse that best encapsulates the theme of the “Yet Do I Marvel”. Use the red dots.
  3. Steps to analyze poetry
  4. Continue analyzing the poem while you wait for everyone. Do you have tone, mood, devices, structure, meaning?
  5. Find other groups with the same poem. Have a seat and add to your learning. Reflect on your analysis skills- can we add to the list on the board?
  6. How does your poem reflect the author’s identity?
  7. With your partner(s) create a mind map that outlines the way poetry can reflect identity.

Tuesday- Independent Analysis

  1. Quizzes returned
  2. Comma splices – Diagnostic on No Red Ink. Please do the assignment. It is only to see where we are at and what I should teach about combining sentences. There are 15 questions.
  3. Write your lyrical free verse on the chart paper
  4. Look up the lyrical free verse poems from this weekend. Look up TAG: lyrical. Choose your fav poem that best encapsulates the theme of “Yet Do I Wonder” and find it on the chart paper. Put a stickie on the chart paper; who is our “poet and didn’t know it” this week?
  5. Partner analysis of a Renaissance poem. Choose ONE sheet of paper. With your partner(s) analyze it until you have exhausted all ideas. Look up a biography of the poet. Find poetic devices, structure, meaning, tone and mood. How does it reflect the poet’s identity? Write all over your paper.


  1. Poetry Concept Map is due on Thursday
  2. Would you be interested in the following:
    1. Bard on the Beach (Midsummer’s Night Dream) on June 3rd from 11-5. Cost about 35$ for ticket and bus
    2. All Star Slam- April 23rd, block A/B and the first 15 minutes of Block C. Cost would be $6 plus skytrain ticket.
  3. Finish prose term review-
  4. Honours Link- it is on the Riverside home page. I will show you where to apply for next year 🙂

Thursday- “Yet…”

We will continue to analyze “Yet Do I Marvel” in class. NO INTERNET at first. You will analyze as a group, sharing ideas with no computer help. We will go over it as a class at the end.


  1. Finish analyzing the poem (see back of page). You can use the internet to help you fully understand the poem at this point.
  2. You are to write a LYRICAL FREE VERSE poem that encapsulates the theme of “Yet Do I Marvel”. Remember, a lyrical free verse is a short poem that does not have a set rhyme or rhythm- the opposite of “Yet Do I Marvel”. I would suggest 6-10 lines max but if you are free styling and loving it, keep writing until you feel you are done. Post on your blog with an image that you think reflects the poem. TAG: Lyrical TITLE: Lyrical Free Verse in Response to “Yet Do I Marvel” Due on Tuesday.