Friday- Thesis and outline

  1. Work on thesis

After it has been checked by me, begin the research to find strong evidence and QUOTES.

This weekend- have at least one paragraph researched. On Monday, we will continue to research and fill in the outline.

Monday- research and do outline

Tuesday- research and begin writing introduction

Wednesday- Friday- in class writing of essay. Due Friday at the end of the block- printed! 

Thursday- Read

Read to page 162 in class.

Why is Saul getting more and more angry?

What is changing on the Moose?

What finally convinces Saul to “heed the call”?

Why will Saul not fight?

“He stubbed out his cigarette on the step. ‘My dad never talks about the school,’ he said. ‘Mom neither. And the don’t say anything about what happened before that. Maybe someone just gave you a chance to rub the s%$* off the board once and for all.’” Pg. 157 What does Virgil mean?

Work on Logophile and collect quotes. You should have 5 quotes minimum by now. Also, you can work on your corrections for your essay.


  1. PechaKucha- Alex and Nicole
  2. Read the story if you have not already
  3. If you have read the story already, check your marks and work completion and get back to me. I am still confused on some Co-op Lit assignments
  4. Here is an example of an “A” essay in Mr. Barrington’s grade 12 class. How does it compare to the other one?