Monday – Book discussion and Theme Statements

Here is an outline for the day BUT Mrs. Leonard may change it any way she wants. Just follow her directions 🙂 She may go in another direction and I am all good with that!

  1. In your groups, discuss the ending the book. Expected? Happy? Sad? Disappointing? Author’s intent??

2. Record your thoughts on ONE piece of lined paper per group. You can all take a corner and write at the same time.

3. Theme Statements- write THREE per group. Address THREE different conflicts. These theme statements can be multi sentence so go deep. They are novels so there should be plenty to choose from. Write on the back of the piece of lined paper.

Here are the ones we began:

Red Rising-

Topic- social warfare and power

An imbalance of power between classes, may lead to warfare and rebellion.

High Fidelity-

Topic- the uncertainty of life

A lack of control/power may lead to a meaningless life.

Lord of the Flies- 

Topic- evil tendencies of humans

A lack of order and control may lead to chaos.

Lovely Bones-

Topic- power(less), relationships

A violent death in a family will affect a family immensely and maybe make them feel powerless to do anything.

Fight Club –

Topic- monotony of life

A lack of violence can lead to a boring life.

Monday- Outline

Hello everyone,

Sorry I am not there today. You are in good hands with Mrs. Leonard. BE RESPECTFUL and KIND, like you always are for me 🙂

For today, continue to work on your outline. If you stay focused, you can get at least one-two paragraphs done in class. Remember, you will not have time to look for quotes on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday so this outline needs to be fully complete (not including the conclusion) by Wednesday morning.

Remember your evidence is the cake and the quotes are the sprinkles. Go for strong evidence that answers your question and backs up your thesis. Then, look for the quotes that show your reader how you got this idea from the story.

Continue to work on No Red Ink- MLA formatting.

See you tomorrow.