Monday- Quizzes and Assignment completion

  1. Homework check- letter from Canada
  2. Please send me your Edublog link through this Form:
    1. Block A Forms Block A
    2. Block B Edublog English 10 Link Form
  3. Commonly confused words quiz on No Red Ink
  4. Poetry Terms quiz (on paper)
  5. Continue working on “All Quiet…” It is to be completed by tomorrow morning. When you are done, DO NOT SEND TO ME. Put it on your Edublog with the “add document” button above. TAG:AllQuietA (or B) Please put on “private” mode for now.
  6. Do the corrections for your “PhotoVoice” paragraph and post to your blog with the image. Due by tomorrow. TAG:PhotoVoiceA (or B). Copy and paste to the blog- not a link to the document please.

Monday-Lit Circles

  1. Narrative Essay corrections: First complete the following form so I can find your Edublog. Tags do not always work! Form for Edublog links
  2. Literature Circle Books: We begin tomorrow. Please give me your top 3 books as I need to make groups of four (plus one group of five). Form for choosing top three books
  3. No Red Ink quiz on connecting clauses
  4. Parallelism- Grammar Bytes
  5. Lit Circle Literature Circles

Thursday- Finish off presentations+ study time

  1. Finish off presentations
  2. Ask questions of the other group so you KNOW these poems
  3. Test tomorrow will be on these poems AND “Yet Do I Marvel”. I will give you the poetry terminology sheet so you can remember the types of poems and other terms we have not gone over.
  4. No Red Ink quiz on connecting clauses with THAMO’s and colons AND beginning a sentence with THAMO’s.

Thursday- Continue working on Chapter 1 questions

  1. Practice a few more commonly confused words. Quiz on Monday (accept/except, quiet/quite, desert/dessert, your/you’re, everyone/every one, anyone/any one, their/there/they’re, good/well, who/who, who’s/whose, lose/loose, everyday/every day, passed/past) 
  2. Quiz on the poetry terms:
  3. Finish questions 1-7 in “All Quiet on the Western Front” for Monday. We will finish it off on Monday and it is due on Tuesday. Do not send to me until I ask for it.