Friday- Discuss assignment #2 and then examine through a psychological lens

  1. In your group, showcase your assignment to the other people in your group. Here are some discussion prompts:
    1. I like the way you ….
    2. I wonder …
    3. Explain to me ….
    4. What about ….
    5. I connect ….
  2. Self assess according to the rubric.
  3. When you are done, read the following article: Simply Psychology
  4. Discuss in your group what Freud is trying to say THEN create a visual that explains the three psyches like the one below or another of your choice: Image result for id ego and superego
  5. As a group, do the following exercise and add to your Powerpoint #3. Psychological Lens

Wednesday- Review + Synthesis

  1. Work with the people in your group to go over the answers to “All Quiet…” We will be going over the answers in class.  I will be pulling cards so you want to be confident in your answers. Talk to your group.
  2. We will go over the big ideas of the two poems:
    1.  Anthem for Doomed Youth
    2. Dulce et Decorum Est
  3. Synthesis of the two poems in a Venn Diagram
  4. Create a theme statement that encapsulates BOTH poems

Tuesday- #gratitude

  1. WWI letter check. Show me letter #2 for a homework mark. THEN, find letter #1 and staple together. THEN choose ONE of your letters to type out into a word document. Choose the one that best fits the assessment criteria as discussed in class. THEN add visuals to your letter (it can be from the field trip) that compliment the content. Make it organized, make it neat, make it powerful. THEN print it out to give to me by FRIDAY …AND email me the digital copy so I can see the visuals in colour. Hand in the printed copy for assessment.
  2. Pull up “All Quiet on the Western Front” on your computer and leave it there for me to see.
  3. #gratitude. You are learning what life was like in WW I both on the front in Europe and the homefront in Canada. We have a lot to be thankful for in 2019 Port Coquitlam. In a grammatically correct, mechanically correct blog post, reflect on what you are thankful for. Add details, add names, add interest. Add an image. It should be about 100-150 words. The title is #gratitude and the TAG: gratitude. 
  4. When you are done, work on your letter OR continue working on your poetry analysis. If you are done yours, move onto the second poem while you are waiting.
  5. With your partner, you are to TEACH the other two people in your group about your poem. Their sheet should be as marked up as yours. ADD and DELETE to each poem. Look up more analysis if need be. KNOW IT.
  6. TEST on Friday!!! It will include questions from “All Quiet…”, “Flanders Fields”, “Anthem for Doomed Youth”, and “Dulce..” It will be mostly written questions.

Friday- Work Block

  1. With your partner, continue analyzing your poem. Have it marked up by Tuesday
  2. Creative writing/Letter from the Front– You will get a letter from home. Read it and respond. You are a soldier on the Front in France or Belgium. Use information you have learned from Mr. Chan AND the Port Moody Museum to create a descriptive, narrative letter from the perspective of a soldier, home to Canada. What do you see, hear, feel, taste, smell?? Make your writing come alive, not with excessive adjectives but with vivid imagery. Show, don’t tell!!!
  3. Letter #2 is due on Tuesday.