Thursday- The Holocaust Story

The Holocaust in story 

There have been many ways that authors have recorded the stories of WWII, in particular, the horrors of the Holocaust. Novels, short stories, poems, movies and now, instagram. Which genre do you think is the most effective in teaching 2019 Canadian students about this historical event and to teach us “lest we forget”.

  1. First some background on the deportation of Hungarian Jews
  2. result for hungary map in europe
  3. Eva’s Story- Is it appropriate to use social media to teach about the Holocaust?
  5. After watching Eva’s story on Instagram (watch in order), choose ONE of the following activities:
    1. choose three “days” and translate into a narrative poem.
    2. choose three “days” and make into a short, short story (no more than 500 words)¬†
    3. choose 1-3 days and create a visual interpretation of the events. You can do a collage or a drawing or your own type of visual representation. It is due on Friday, so no need to create the Mona Lisa- keep it simple, yet insightful
  6. It will be due on Monday. Remember, this is not a huge project. It is to provide you with an opportunity to present a story in a new genre. What is lost in the change? What is gained?
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