Tuesday- corrections, No Red Ink, Photovoice

Spelling and test corrections to do with a partner: Pathways – test corrections


  • On a word document, post your photo and then in three paragraphs , answer the following questions:
    • P#1 –Personal
    • The issue you are addressing
    • How this image is your “photovoice”
    • Your thinking behind the composition
    • How others may perceive your image
    • What we (society) can do to improve this issue or strengthen our lives
    • P #2-
    • Reflect on what you have learned about visual literacy
    • How can you be critical of images in the news and in life?
    • Conclusion-
    • A call to action: What do you want people to see in our community and what do you want the government to do?


  • Email your paragraph to me by Thursday morning
  • Subject line: Name, Visual Literacy, Bk A
  • Body: Hi Mrs. Thomasen. Here are my visual literacy paragraphs. Have a nice day, John Doe