Monday- Spoken Word + “Homecoming King”

I will give you the first half of class to work on Spoken word. We will begin with some physical activities to get your brain going and your comfort level up (hopefully).

Remember- you perform on Thursday or Friday.

Then we will watch half of”Homecoming King”. How do stereotypes affect one’s identity? What are the conflicts that may arise when one is a new immigrant? How does Hasam feel about his identity as a Indo-American?¬†

Tuesday- Spoken Word!!!

  1. Time to start spoken word! Here is the outline: Spoken Word Presentation

2. We will watch a variety of videos today too.

3. You MUST have a topic by Thursday!!!! Just a topic is fine.

4. Figurative Language in Poetry! You are to know ALL of these terms for English 10.: poetry_terminology_10-

5. Do this worksheet to help you learn them: Poetry Terms Graphic Organizer

6. That sheet is due by Monday!!!