Friday- The Politics of Identity

  1. I am sorry I am absent today. A family issue has come up and I can’t be there. Please be nice to Mrs. Hui- she was my student teacher two years ago and she is really nice! She is also a biology teacher so if you have any questions…
  2. Read chapter 2 if you did not read it last night.
  3. This is the assignment for the day.¬†¬†Politics of Identity ¬†Note that this is the “handout” with examples but the student worksheet is #4.
  4. Here is the worksheet that you will email to me when you are done. The Politics of Identity worksheet. Note that there is a blog post at the end. Follow the directions closely, please.
  5. To sum it all up:
    1. Persuasive paragraph is due (printed) on Monday
    2. Worksheet on J. Boyden is to be emailed by Monday
    3. Blog post answering the question is to be Tagged by Monday.
  6. Have a good weekend. I will definitely see you on Monday.
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