Wednesday- Persuasive Paragraph

  1. Quick review of the answers for “Knock off Native”
  2. X-block- google search the history of the logo.
  3. A-block- google search the history of the term “redskin”
  4. When done, put the main points of the videos into the chart. Point form is fine. Redskins Controversy
  5. Read “A heated linguistic debate” with your partner. There are many level 2-3 words- have your dictionary ready. Highlight the argument FOR changing the name in one colour and against in a different colour.
  6. Put in the main points on your chart.
  7. Can you find more arguments from other sources? Include them on your chart.
  8. Homework- be sure the chart is complete.
  9. This paragraph will be due on Friday. Have it printed for me.