Monday- Project time+ Poetry


  1. Finish project
    1. if it is a podcast, please email me the file with the name “Podcast, Your name”
    2. If it is a poster, be sure to have your name on it. Is it coloured? Is it easy to read? Do you have connections and questions for it? On the back of your poster, answer the following question: What have you learned about the effect of discrimination on a person/society? What can we do to minimize the negative effects?
  2. Narrative Essay!!! Narrative Essay gr 10
  3. First Nation Story Telling

Wednesday- Informal Blogging and Review

  1. What have we learned about the human condition from this novel?
    1. How does one heal after trauma?
    2. How does one cope with hardship?
    3. What may be the root causes of homelessness?
    4. What have we learned about the effect of racism?
    5. What is the legacy of the residential schools?
  2. In your group, create a theme statement for the novel.
  3. Positive Cultural Identity- why is it important?
  4. Informal Blogging- Informal Blogging-

Wednesday- Test!


When complete- do NO Red Ink “THANO’s” at the beginning of a sentence.

When complete, work on the corrections for your imagery paragraph.

  1. Do corrections
  2. Find an image that reflects your quote
  3. TAG: Imagery
  4. Title: Imagery in Indian Horse
  5. Due Friday