Thursday- The Human Condition

Today we will explore what it means to be human and the investigation into the human condition.

Please refer to the videos on

For homework, you are to find a source that you think explores the human condition. Tomorrow, you will be writing a paragraph about this source so be ready!!!! It can be a book you have read, a movie, a youtube video, a Public Service Announcement, a piece of art….

Paragraph example for Human Cond source-

Wednesday – “The Pedestrian”

  1. Get to know you!!!
  2. In a blog post, respond to the following question: “Are writers and artists as important to society as scientists and engineers?” This must be about 150-200 words. (15 minutes) Use details from your own life and the world. Grammar and spelling does not count BUT tomorrow, we will go over some of the responses, so please make an effort to make it readable as it will be shared with the class. TAG: artsandscientists
  3. Prose Fiction Terminology UPDATED-
  4. The Pedestrian– story

Wednesday- I am a genius

Getting to know you

3 level one words to describe you

3 level two words to describe you

Please write a paragraph introducing yourself to me.  Do a multiple intelligence quiz first and learn about your learning styles.

  1. take the Multiple Intelligences Quiz
  2. Read more about your intelligence on this site
  3. Howard Gardner used this theory to explain why some people were good at some things and some were not. His intent was to show that there were many kinds of intelligence outside an IQ test. Although it sounds good in theory, what do you think may be the problems with his ideas? Did you agree with your survey results? What are the pros and cons of this survey? If you are interested, here is an interesting article about the this theory: Edutopia: The Problem with Multiple Intelligences
  4. For your first assignment, write a paragraph describing yourself according to the multiple intelligence on a word document. Eg.  Hello Mrs. Thomasen. After doing the survey, I found out I am an interpersonal learner as I like to learn from experience and reflect on my learning. I am also a intrapersonal learner as I learn better with others.
  5. Do you agree or disagree with this result? Do you think this result translates into your learning STYLE?
  6. Include your interests as well. This can be everything from your activities, to your interests (and maybe something about English too!)
  7. What are your strengths in English? Your weaknesses? What would you like to improve this year?
  8. End your paragraph with the three level two words you used to describe yourself. Can you weave them into a conclusion?
  9. Here is an example of one: Student example for Getting to Know You-
  10. Emailing your teacher 101-
  11. Email me your paragraph at please include your grade and block number in the subject line. Eg. Thomasen, BK C, I am a genius 
  12. Due on Thursday,  January 31st.