Wednesday- Synthesis Essay

Comma Splices and Fused Sentences

  1. No Red Ink
  2. Grammar Bytes. This is the first exercise. I will put them all on here- do if you feel the need.


Wednesday– brainstorm and thesis statement

C and C Assignment H10 ’18- (Honours) 

Comparison-contrast-Essay-gr 10- (ppt)

Thesis Statements for C and C Gr. 10 alt-

Thursday- brainstorm and thesis statement

C and C example gr11 2-

More examples of introductions:

Developing examples (don’t do this!!)

Quote integration and punctuation (see video below)

Transition Words! Transition Words-

Rubric: Rubric for compare and contrast essay updated-

Thursday– Thesis statement check

Organization of essay + outline

Friday–  outline

Monday– outline continued

Tuesday– Quote formatting

Tues-Friday– in class writing!!


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