Tuesday- “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”

What I learned from teaching “Harlem: A Dream Deferred”:

Essential Question: How does one express their racial identity through poetry? The final assignment will be this question answered in paragraph form. Be warned 🙂

The Negro Speaks of Rives-

Only watch the Crash Course AFTER you have analyzed the poem. Then, use it to extend your understanding of the poem.

Tuesday- Research

You should have most, if not all, of your research done to prove your position.

Two more sources you can use as a “counter” argument OR if it is better than the ones you already have….

  1. The Stanford Prison Experiment
  2. The Politics of Fear: A Canadian Tradition
  3. Trump and the Fear of Immigrants

Which ones support your position and which ones refute? Can you use any of them for your persuasion?