Monday- Review of symbols + Criticism of the book

  1. Review the book by doing this: Symbolism in Lord of the Flies-   
  2. No Red Ink- Connecting Clauses
  3. And also look at Sparknotes to get a deeper understanding.
  4. Criticism for Lord of the Flies 

Watch the video again and take notes on the following questions. Do this under “Chapter Questions” in One Note.

  • Why does John Greene NOT like the novel?
  • What is his argument against Golding’s IDEAS?
  • Do you agree or disagree?
  • What have you learned that you did not know before?

Monday- Poetry Quiz + Humanities Research

  1. 45 minutes for the test
  2. By Wednesday, I am going to ask you to do some homework at home.
    1. Do the vocabulary AND the pre-writing for “The Watch”. The Watch -student worksheet-
    2. Read the story The Watch- story-2hgiuk0
    3. I will be reading the story to you on Wednesday but I would like you to read it beforehand to get an idea of the plot.
  3. Watch “The Book Thief” – Question: How does one cope through  hardship? How does one move past tragedy?