Thursday- Creative Writing

  1. 35 minutes of creative writing OR your narrative essay. This is NOT social time, but writing time. Put in your earbuds and WRITE (or revise)
  2. For the rest of the block, please review your poetry terms. Here is the worksheet (answers on the board) Poetry Devices  And here are the terms you need to know for English 10 Poetry poetry_terminology_10-
  3. Stay focused and work hard 🙂
  4. Narrative Essay is to be printed and in my box by Block C on Friday or there is a 5% deduction. BTW- the rubric is in the original documents: Narrative Essay gr 10 ’17-

Thursday- work block

  • Work on Poetry Mind Map- due tomorrow morning. 5% deduction for every day it is late.
  • Work on the poetry device review sheet. Due by the end of class. Answers are on the board. You can work together on this. Be sure to understand WHY the device is what it is before looking at the answers. Be ready to explain  reasoning. Here is a digital version OR you can ask for a paper version: Poetry Devices-
  • Work on the Humanities project
  • Study for the test  ON MONDAY!!! (yes, I have changed it so you have time on the weekend to study)