Thursday- Work Block

You have the block to catch up. Please use your time wisely.

Please do any of the following:

  1. No Red Ink (dialogue and parallelism)
  2. Creative Writing Project
  3. Outline for your Narrative essay. Ask the TOC to approve your topic and lesson before Monday. Remember, think of a lesson you learned about humanity or yourself. (For those of you who want to do a “coming of age” as opposed to epiphany, think of “Chris Pine Blue Eyes”. It is set over a year so she just chooses moments within that year that highlight her learning.
  4. Research for your Humanities project. Look for non-fiction sources, or set up an interview, or look for a movie to watch this weekend.

By Monday- have that outline done. We will be writing in class on Monday (we will do a creative writing day later in the week). This is an in-class essay! Please don’t write until Monday.

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