Thursday- Work Block!!

Sorry I am not there today. Here is what I would like you to do:

  1. Do the test for Lord of the Flies.
  2. Finish Co-op assignment (it is due on Monday) 
  3. Work on the research for your persuasive essay. Remember, use the note taking document to find one more fictional source that supports your position, two non-fiction that supports your opinion, and one source that goes against your position. This will be due Tuesday, October 30th.

Thursday- Work Block

You have the block to catch up. Please use your time wisely.

Please do any of the following:

  1. No Red Ink (dialogue and parallelism)
  2. Creative Writing Project
  3. Outline for your Narrative essay. Ask the TOC to approve your topic and lesson before Monday. Remember, think of a lesson you learned about humanity or yourself. (For those of you who want to do a “coming of age” as opposed to epiphany, think of “Chris Pine Blue Eyes”. It is set over a year so she just chooses moments within that year that highlight her learning.
  4. Research for your Humanities project. Look for non-fiction sources, or set up an interview, or look for a movie to watch this weekend.

By Monday- have that outline done. We will be writing in class on Monday (we will do a creative writing day later in the week). This is an in-class essay! Please don’t write until Monday.