Monday- Quick Write + Chapter 6 review + chapter 7

  1. Quick write- What makes  a good leader?
  2. Misplaced Modifier quiz last 5 minutes of class
  3. Be sure your logophile is done correctly and in One Note so I can see it.
  4. Review chapter 6 and imagery of fear.
  5. Read chapter 7 if time.
  6. Reminder- test on Thursday for chapter 1-7. It will have questions on characterization, plot and symbols as well as questioning, imagery and quotes.

Monday- Handmaid’s Tale OR Creative Writing OR Indian Education Questions

Please choose ONE of the options above. This is NOT free time.

We will go over “Indian Education” questions at 9:50.

Homework- think of a time in your life when you LEARNED  SOMETHING. Because you are in honours class, a simple bike accident or trip over a rock will not do. Think relationships, think coming of age, think the human condition (gasp, I said it 🙂 Have some ideas for tomorrow. We will be sharing them in our groups… it will be half a block of oral storytelling.