Wednesday- Review chapter 4 and your two questions

  1. Review chapter 4 (see questions posted on yesterdays blog)
  2. Your questions! Put in One Note. Be sure to answer with a “maybe….”. The questions are so deep, there is no exact answer!
  3. Research into your essential question. Here is the note sheet: Notes for Inquiry Project-. 
  4. You will be using 1-2 of these sources in your final persuasive essay so make them relevant. Here is one for you to consider: Brain Games.

Wednesday- Poverty poem + Doll’s House


  1. Before we begin the poem, add a reflection to your blog post under Food and You. In your reflection, state what you are proud of and what you would like to do better next time. Make it a star and two wishes! Eg. I am proud of my use of imagery and I tried real hard to use commas correctly. Next time, I will avoid repetition of words and concentrate on making correct sentences.
  2. Review the “Poverty” poem and do the worksheet.
  3. Do the prewriting for the story “The Doll’s House”. We will read the story in class on Thursday. The Dollhouse- student worksheet-16dizph