Friday- Finish Handmaid’s Tale + Misplaced Modifiers

  1. Misplaced Modifiers on No Red Ink (just do the first assignment- don’t do the second)
  2. Finish the worksheet for Handmaid’s Tale by reading the interview and answer the questions
  3. Discuss as a class: Is Margaret Atwood a feminist? How is this dystopia similar to Harrison Bergeron? What can you take from these two stories to apply to your Humanities project?
  4. The worksheet is to be complete by Tuesday. I will be looking for homework marks. We will have a quiz on the two stories on WEDNESDAY next week.
  5. Addition: Question #5. Please answer this on a separate document PRINTED to be handed in on Tuesday. Handmaid’s writing assignment-Be sure your explanation is well written and insightful. Use specific examples from the TV show AND specific examples from your news article. When quoting, be sure to put quotation marks around the quote.