Friday- Lord of the Flies

Why are the school boys on a plane by themselves?

Continue reading chapter one

  1. Look for characterization and imagery
  2. Collect words and put on bookmark. Remember the page number so you can find the words later
  3. Questions: Questions Chap1-3′ 18- We will do these on Monday
  4. Logophile Logophile-
  5. Read to the end of chapter one. NO HOMEWORK. We will do the questions on Monday 

Thursday- Lord of the Flies Intro

  1. Surviving on a desert island…..Journal Entry in ONE NOTE under “Class Notes” – Kid Nation- What do you think life would be like if you were set on a deserted island and forced to live without adults? How would you set up a “Kid Nation” with other teenagers? How would you govern, educate, care for and feed yourself? In a short journal entry OR diagram OR point form notes, describe your Kid Nation in relation to the above issues. Remember, you are with other teenagers but no adults and there is no civilization on the island. (never mind! We will discuss this and I will show you the TV show but no journal entry needed) 

Essential Question- choose ONE to follow throughout the book. More detail to follow… copy and paste ONE question into your One Note under “Essential Question” notes. Then, answer it with the knowledge you already possess.  

1. Niccolo Machiavelli was a 16th century Italian philosopher. He wrote a political document called The Prince. In it he claims that “humans are wretched creatures” and the it is better for a leader to be feared than loved. Do you agree or disagree? Should a leader use fear to lead? Which is the more effective way to lead?

2. Jean Jacques Rousseau, the 18th Century philosopher, states that “Man is by nature, good. It is society that corrupts the ‘noble savage'”. Golding thinks that it is only laws and rules that stop humans from being “evil”. What do you think?

Essential Questions-


Friday- Finish HB

  1. Reflect on the group work you did yesterday. How can we link dystopia into our discussion of “alleviating discrimination?”
  2. Continue working on HB. Focus on conflict and theme.
  3. As a group, create the best theme!! Share with class.
  4. Finish the assignment.
  5. Watch an interpretation of this story. How does the theme and/or focus differ?

Friday- Continue Descriptive Writing

  1. 6 Word Memoir- gallery walk.
  2. 10 minute reflection on the project done yesterday.
  3. Review the commas- do No Red Ink
  4. Continue with your brainstorm for YOUR restaurant. Note that I have added another chart in order to help with the brainstorm. This chart is DUE on Monday!!! Food and You Brainstorm-
  5. Analyze MY paragraph. Food Critic- Bin 941-
  6. We will do an in-class write on Monday.