Physics ball thing


Rube Goldberg Assignment

Steps: Dominoes knocks down ramp stand Pool ball goes down the ramp and hits the text book The top of the text book is attached to string which is attached

Science wonder reflection

Questions I needed for my topic are how the big bang happened how the universe works and what is dark energy. I needed to know the causes of the big

Astronomy Wonder Assignment

Source links: – – – – Crash course Astronomy videos #41, #42,#43

Core Competent Canadians

Question 1: Before this activity all I know about core competencies is that you write about your self or something. Question 2: I guess your knowledge of core competencies can


      Sources and references   Key word references for the images used with google microbe clipart, metagenomics clipart, DNA clipart, earth clipart, DNA sequence, antibiotics

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