Stem cell / organoids connections based learning

Proposal We face timed Charis Walko on Skype about stem cells and she is from Canada. It was nice having a real stem cell researcher answering our questions because she

A cell is like a car

Different types of income

Jobs that are paid hourly wage Packaging technician $16.50 per hour Baker $11.50 per hour Delivery expert $22 per hour   Piece work Contract jeweler estimated $48,000-$65,000 a year Room

Edible DNA

This is a picture of a edible DNA model. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid and it carries our genetic information. The colored marshmallows on the red strands in the picture represents

Currents from the kitchen

purpose To see which fruit or vegetable can create the most voltage Hypothesis I’m sure the lemon will create the most voltage because it contains acid Materials: Some kind of

Currents from the kitchen prediction

I think the lemon or the potato will work the best and create the most electric voltage because i seen many shows where they used lemons or a potato to

Mind Map

Questions How much electricity could hurt you? How does lighting form? How is electricity stored How does a electric generator work Could you use a potato to generate electricity ?

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