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Define: Climate change which is consistent change in weather. The main cause is Co2 and green house gases and its causing global warming which is bad.


Discover: Not a lot was done in the past because no one really cared and a lot of people were using fossil fuels for energy. Now there’s a lot being done now. A lot of places are now using renewable energy like solar panels, wind, and dams.


Dream: I am pretty sure there is no way to stop global warming and climate change now but there are ways to slow it down. i want a future with rarely no pollution and better air and environments. Every one needs to watch their carbon emissions so they can reduce global warming. Hopefully electric cars and solar panels on roofs will be more common in a few years.

Ways you can help reduce global warming

-eat less meat

-get more energy efficient light bulbs

-drive and fly less

-turn off lights when you’re not using them

-Planes that use jet engines should use bio fuel instead of jet fuel

NASA is testing bio fuel and working on other solutions

Global warming solutions



Debrief: I think i did well looking for ideas i could improve on putting more information for my power point

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  1. You have some good points in your post. You covered several possible solutions and have cited some sources. I appreciate your idea using BioFuel in Planes to address climate change. Next time embed your PowerPoint, though. Your Debrief could have been more detailed. Good work!

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