The Veldt Summative Assignment

How to ignore your parents

Do you wish there was a way to get rid of your parents?

Are you tired of their laws that you never knew?

Well, then here is a solution that we offer to you,


You must beg your parents to buy you an iPhone,

That you will only need to call them sometimes,

That you will only use it during alone time,


But aren’t those more rules that you must follow?

But aren’t those more rules that you must swallow?

But won’t you wish that those rules don’t exist?


Then why would you want to have a tool

That perhaps makes you look more cool

And separates you from your parents?


Not only that, it distracts you from life

It cuts your family with a knife

A screen is now a much better friend


Your parents are no longer those that raise you

Your parents are now those that praise you

Your parents no longer know who you are


All the sunlight in your home disappears

The only pure light that keeps shining bright

Is the one coming from all the screens


Why communicate when you can text?

Why exercise when you can pretend to play sports?

Why love when you can ignore?


Loving your parents takes too much effort,

How can they be more important than Xbox?

You don’t have time to come out and say hi,

You’re too busy playing Sky High!


Your parents can finally take a break

Because the ingredient to a bad family cake

Is very quite simple, for heaven’s sake!


Your children will no longer need attention and love

Your children will no longer yell and roam,

Only zombies and ghosts will remain in the home.