Love Poem to Prime Numbers

The rules of prime (a sort-of Love Poem to prime numbers, written in only haikus)

By Fanny

Only can divide

By itself and a one

Is a prime number

Weird, they said often

That there are forty-six

In one - two hundred

Five and Seven too

Or even Seventeen

Are part of the group


There aren't many patterns

To make it more easy

Multiples of Three

Are quite easy to find

All is simply:

Add all the digits

That make up the number

Next, look at the sum.

Is it a nice sum?

If it's divisible

By the number Three,

Then you know for sure

That it's a multiple

Of the number Three.

What about the Two?

That rule is much more simple.

Is the number even?

If so, the number

Is divisible by

The nice number Two.

Finally, now comes

The rule for number One.

It is a weird one.

It is not a prime,

It's not a composite,

It's absolutely