Pennies From Heaven (Blog Log #1)

For this assignment, I took one of the “This I Believe Essays” called Pennies from Heaven, click here to read the essay.

I really enjoy reading stories about people that have died but are still in the minds of their loved ones. When I saw the words “Someone told me angels leave pennies to remind you they are with you.” (paragraph 10) in this essay, I instantly wanted to read it and see what the author meant when he illustrated that. I noticed that he addressed the pennies almost as if they were people, and he never called them just pennies, he would always find another way to describe them. It was as if each and every penny was special to him. This essay reminded me about a television show I used to watch when I was younger. The show was about teaching younger kids how to understand what death really is. In the show, there was a man that said that even if someone that we love dearly has died, it does not mean that they are not here with us and that there is no way we can communicate with them. If we keep them in our hearts and minds, they will always be with us. For me, the author expressed his connection with his former wife in an exceptional way, and it gives off the feeling that his wife is still with him, even if she is in heaven.