Desmos Portrait Math 10 FPC2019

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I tried to use a different type of expression for each body part, and I think I succeeded in doing so. For the head and eyes I used the circle relation. For the nose, I used lines relation. For the mouth and hair I use polynomial expressions (parabolas). For the eyebrows, I used the square root expressions, and for the glasses I used a mix of circles and lines relations.

It took me quite a bit of time to move around each body part, but I realized that if I added constant terms to some equations and coefficients to other terms, I could make the body parts move to the places I wanted them to be in.

I did not have any major challenges, except for having to experiment with different numbers until I came up with just the right one. Other than that, I had no other major setbacks that interfered with my project.

When I started doing the project, I would always have to check back on my notes to remember how to do each equation, but then I started memorizing how each of them worked, so that then I could easily move each of the shapes around without having to check back every time, so I’m proud that I was able to do that.

I did not get any help, mostly because I wanted to see how much I understood myself. My parents did offer to help me, but I refused, because I wanted to memorize the equations myself. Besides, I think I did I much better job than I would’ve done with my parents help. The only help I got was from the internet in the beginning, because I used to check different ways people did their body parts in the past, and then I would choose the design that I liked the best and I would try to recreate it.

I think that overall, this project has helped me learn a lot more about how exactly parabolas worked and how changing just one number in the equations could change the entire graphic. When we first learned them in class, I was a little bit confused about how each relation worked and why they were all so different, but through doing this project, I think I gained a lot more knowledge on the relations, even though I had to figure them out mostly by myself.

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