Society can only work when we are all forgiving (Blog log #2)

For this Blog Log, I chose another This I Believe Essays. Click here to read the essay.

What interested me in this essay was that it was all about forgiveness. The author had to deal with someone who had changed her life forever, but she found it in her heart to be able to forgive them. The choice of words that the author used was so inspiring that it made me really think about how some people in this world do make mistakes, and it is so much better to forgive them instead of hating them forever. The author used the words “the true value of life” to illustrate her essay which I think was really what sparked my attention to this essay, because it is really important to be able to move on from events that have happened in the past to have a happier life. In relation to the human condition, I believe it is important to forgive others for mistakes that they have made in the past in order to be able to stay a good society.


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