Welcome to my edublog! Here, I will be posting some of my best work that I have done at school. I will try to post regularly and make this a site that my friends, family, and others can look at and enjoy. You can either scroll down to read about some of my favourites, click “Passions” under “About Me” to learn more about me or click on “grade 9” to see some of my work from school. Have fun!

About me

Some of my favourites

My favourite quote is :

“Be yourself because everyone else is already taken”. – Oscar Wilson

It’s a good quote because it inspires me to not fall under peer pressure and be comfortable being myself.

My favourite image is :

It’s a drawing of figure skates, and it describes me perfectly. I love to draw and I love to skate. Also, it has some pink and purple in it, and I enjoy looking at these colours.

My favourite video is :

It’s a video that two of my friends and I made for school. It’s a sock puppet show, and I find it really funny, and I was the one that uploaded it onto Youtube.

My favourite website is :


This is the website that all of my rankings, scores and competitions are on for figure skating.

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