Green house solution fluency

what we have to do is make the house that we have built and wired in the past and make it consume less energy and give out less emisions.

What people have done is the past is think of ways to use alternative fuel scources to power houses. The beafits of that would be a greener environment and less amount of money you would have to pay for energy.

Engineers in the past have discovered many alternative fuel scources for housing. Some of those alternatives are hydro electric energy wind energy and geo thermal energy.


the 3 best alternative fuel scources for our huuse i think would be solar energy, hydro electric energy and wind energy. I have chosen these because they do not require fuel to run and all the elements are avalible in the outside world.


trends in periodic table


Metals are most of the time solids they are good conductors of heat and electricity. Metals are shiny and silvery, and are very malluable.

NON Metals are poor conducteurs of heat and electricity they are not maluable or ductile. Non metals are mostely gases at room temperature.

metaloids act more like non metals. But some times they can be ,ade to conduct electricity. Metaloids are known as semiconductors they are very important in coomputers.


Families are the verical rows of the periodic table . Each element in a family has the same ionic charge as all the others. Their are many names for the familyes in the periodic table here are some of the most popular. Alaki metals, alaki earth metals, noble gases, halogens,.


periods are the horizontal rows in the periodic table. Every atom in each family has the same number of electroms in thar outer shell.


ion charges. Some elements have more than one ionic charge. Its beacause some elements have different oxidation states and so they have diffrent ion charges.


Electric house project

Project questions: have to unscrew one of the light bulbs and if they all turn off it will prove that it is a series circuit.

2.if you unscrew one bulb from the circuit there should still be electricity in the circuit.

3. The bulb in series is more powerfull than the one in paralell .

4.if you unscrew the one In parallel that the series and parallel become the same .

5. We are working well so far



Me and my partener worked wellon this project. We both came up with multiple ideas and we implamented most of them the best we could. We split the work into parts and we communicated eficiantly in betwen our rolles.

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