Core comitancy Activity

Before doing this activity i knew very little about the core compitancy’s, but after completing this assignment and seeing how different people and there careers link to the different compitancy’s it helped me understand what they are and what they mean. In the real world



these core compitancy’s can be helpful because it gives you a chance to see what you have done in the past and you can see what type of person for example if you did something that falls into the category of creative thinking and you were really proud of it that could lead you into a profession that involves more creative thinking.

Mon reaction au le salle de bain

SI il y avait une ligne au sale de bain je tuerais tout le monde dans la linge.

Si je voudrais tuerais les personnes j’acheterais une fusi.

si je voudrais acherterais une fusi je devriez étre responsable

Si je voudrais étre responsable je ferais mes devoirs

si je ferais mes devoirs mes parents seront fiers de moi.

Water bottle rockets questions

1. How did the height you estimated your rocket would reach compare with the actual
estimated height?

it did not reach the hieght that i thoght it ould at all

2. What do you think might have caused any differences in the height you achieved?

if it did not explode on launch it would have gone higher

3. Did your rocket launch straight up? If not, why do you think it veered off course?

it veered off course cause it fell appart when i pulled the string.

4. Do you think that this activity was more rewarding to do alone? Would you have preferred to do it in groups? Why or why not?

i liked doing it it alone cause you get more flexibility

5. Did you adjust your model rocket at all? How? Do you think this helped or hindered
your results?

i changed the design of the parashute. And it hindered the aerodynamics of the rocket.

6. How do you think the rocket would have behaved differently if it were launched in a
weightless atmosphere?

it would have not exploded but just have floated

7. What safety measures do you think engineers consider when launching a real rocket?

the launch exauhst and the rocket seal

Consider the location of most launch sites as part of your answer.
8. When engineers are designing a rocket which will carry people in addition to cargo, how
do you think the rocket will change in terms of structural design, functionality, and

i think the compartment than will hold people will have to be designated very diffrent.

9. Do you think rocket designs will change a great deal over the next ten years? How?

i think that they will change and that we will find a way to hold many people efficiently

10. What tradeoffs do engineers have to make when considering the space/weight of fuel
vs. the weight of cargo?

the amount of extra fluel and cargo that it could hold.

Part 3 water bottle rocket

What have you learned about the history of rockets and space travel?

I learned that over the past decades we have made huge advances in space travel

What will be different on your water rocket than on a “real” rocket and why? My rocket will not be as large and i will only be putting on 4 fins not more and the nose cone will not be pointy.

Why is the center of gravity and center of preashure important in rockets ?  It is important because they determine how stable the rocket will fly


Based on what you have learned about rocket design (nose cone & fins) describe what your rocket will look like and why you chose that design on the blog. My rocket will have a round nose cone with 4fins and it will have a parashute on it.

Rocket simulator

What was your maximum height and speed? 3713m/ 415ms
What was the Mass, Thrust and Thrust time on your high score? 25 s


Why does the rocket fling around the moon/Earth? Because of the gravity that pulls the rocket towards the plannet

What is an orbit? In physics, an orbit is the gravitationally curved trajectory of an object, such as the trajectory of a planet around a star or a natural satellite around a planet.


Community connection

1. I voluenteer at the poco rec center and i help out with the skating lessons.

2.i could work at save on foods an i could make 11 dollars an hour.

In my comunity i am looking for a job that i can have fun in and also get paid a good amount. For my first job i am thinking of  working at save on foods it has a deacent payment and also it is in a convinient location. In the futer i want to become a pilot and i think that is one of the best jobs in the world.


i alredy am voluenteering with the tri city and it has been so far so good.