10 easy modifications you can do to your car

      Hi there my name is Stefan and today im gonna talk to you all about 10 easy modifications you can do to your car. Now im going to answer a common why even bother modifying your car, like why not keep your 4 wheel go-go machine as she was, why bother voiding the warranty and risk damaging something right…., and indeed you are, but modifying your car allows you to unlock another side of your vehicle that you have never experienced before and it allows you to get hands on with the inner workings and learn how different systems tie into one another and once completed the sense of accomplishment is like no other. knowing that it was your strength, time and sweat that went into making a once normal stock piece of machinery into something that only you now own and into something that you know will bring you joy every time you sit behind the wheel is a feeling that you have to experience for yourself.


10. Deep clean and polish 



No matter what car you drive whether its 1-12 years old a clean shiny car will always give you that wow factor and make you feel like your driving something off the lot. Going to a car wash and paying that little extra 5$ to get a polish on your vehicle including a standard wash is key to achieving that mirror like paint finish we see on instagram posts. Going to a car wash is one option, but in my opinion going to a wash center where you have to physically use a pressure washer and hand scrub your paint is so much more effective and cost cutting. With that option you can get deep into those dirty patches in those hard to reach zones and it allows you to spend more time on one area if necessary, and in my opinion it beats just sitting down getting pulled along while technology does the work for you.


9. Headlight de-fogging



This was the first “mod” I did when i got my car. De-fogging your head lights is a great and inexpensive way to get a new look added to the face of your car. You can typically buy de-fogging kits either in store or online for around 15-20$ and it typically comes with one or two grits of sand paper, a micro fiber cloth and a solution of some sort. These kits make it as simple as it can be when it comes to the process, there is no disassembly or even tinkering with your vehicle and it takes around 15 minutes to complete the both front headlights, so don’t worry if you’re the impatient kind you can still get great results in little time, just gotta be willing to put that elbow grease in.


8. Aftermarket exhaust



Now we are starting to get into the more noticable mods when your actually on the road. A great way to get into automotive mantience and modifications is to install your first exhaust. Now the benefits of having an aftermarket exhaust are that, you get reduced airflow restriction within your engine and you get to unlock a whole new type of tone out of your baby. Engines need to breathe and when you still have previous exhaust gases in your exhaust pipes and a new puff of waste is forced through, some of that previous gas to make its way back to the engine and it requires it to work harder to push out that excess air resulting in a loss of performance. By having an after market exhaust not only do you get that crisp new sound out of your engine but you also allow the engine to breathe better which should result in a slight performance boost.


7. Detailing your rims



Now I know I said we are getting into the more noticable mods when your on the road but trust me you don’t want to skip this one over. If you think of a car as a human body then what would the rims be…. in my eyes i think they would be a perfect depiction of our pearly whites. I know it may sound a little wierd but just hear me out, when a human is running, walking or doing any form of movement it’s almost impossible to ever focus on their teeth and smile right, of course, because we just aren’t thinking about it and when it comes to cars it’s the exact same thing when they are in motion we couldn’t care less what the rims look like because they are indistinguishable, but when they stop moving then that’s when you really start to notice the details and designs, and surprisingly its the aspect that will give your car the most character out of any modifications you can do. Now going out and buying a new set of rims for $600-$800 isnt really an option for a lot of people but even going to Walmart and buying a small wire brush and spending about 20 minutes on each wheel giving them a proper scrub down will not only make your rim paint last longer ( if you have any) but will also unlock a new bling side to your car. You’ll see what i mean if you actually pursue it.


6.  Aftermarket air intake 



Alrighty let’s get into that real performance boosting goodness if you know what i mean. An intake is what your car takes in air from. Its one of the most essential components to your engines performance and out of all the items on this list will provide the most power to your engine. By upgrading your engines air intake it allows it to take in a lot more air at once and will alow the engine to rev up a lot faster and gain that horsepower boost. Another pro to air intakes is that most of them will use a cylindrical style filter which lasts a lot longer than your conventional rectangular filter and also with aftermarket exhaust’s, depending on the engine but sometimes it can actually cause your engine to adjust its air-fuel mixture so that your actually using less fuel and more air to achieve the same performance or higher. Now doing this mod to your car isn’t no easy task for someone who knows nothing about car maintenance or repairs, but don’t get me wrong its 100% possible you just have to lock your reasearch down and reassure that your staying calm and collected throughout the whole process.


5. Colored inner dome light 



     Now this one is unusual because normally when people want to add lighting to the interior of their cars, they look at led strip kits because that’s the first thing that comes to mind and its the thing that’s mainly advertised. I’m not a fan of them for one reason and one reason only, WIRES FOR DAYS! I notice that every time I see a picture or get into a car with an led strip setup I always see so many extra wires around the center console and floor and it makes me think “does that not bother you while you’re driving?”. If it were up to me i would go for a colored led inner dome light because it adds the same effect in a sense to your interior and it keeps your center console free of loose cables and it makes the build look so much cleaner, in some cases its even a cheaper option with better results, sounds like a win win to me. 


4. Racing pedals 



     Want an easy way to get a little more of a racing car feel out of your vehicle then a set of racing pedals will defiantly give your cockpit that aggression. Now im not talking about taking out every single pedal and replacing the whole unit because that’s a completely different thing and takes a whole lot more time and money to do so, im talking about buying metal racing pedal pads and simply swapping them with the current ones you have. This is a mod for the people who really want to make it feel like they’re driving a sports car and that’s not a bad thing at all, your car your rules don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, if you think its cool then go for it whats there to lose, well I guess like $20. 


3. Front lip and side skirts 



     Front lips and side skirts are a cheap and easy way to add a lowered look to your car. it provides a new line to form on your cars body and depending on the car itself it can make it look real good or real bad. This mod is a bit of a risky one because depending on the car you have prices vary a lot on these and they can range from $100-$800 so make sure that if you are going to pursue this mod that you do your reasearch very therolly and something that I would personally do, is I would go online and look up 3D car configurator and then i would try and see if i can make a similar build online and I would use that as a major factor to making my decision. Overall it’s an easy install that will add a little flair to your cars body you just got to make sure its the right kind of flair. 


2. Car door projective lights 



     I see this now coming stock on a lot of high-end cars rolling off the assembly line, they’re coming with mini projectors on the bottoms of the doors so that when you open them there is a design that is projected on the floor. Most of the time its the logo of the brand its self but by buying it separately you can get ones where you can upload your own design onto them. when it comes to the installation of these mini projectors im not sure on how exactly they’re mounted but seeing that it’s just a small item with on wire that needs to be put in place I cant imagine it being a hard install. I personally have been thinking about this mod for while and I told myself that on my next car it will be having them 100%. 


  1. Shift knobs


     Now last but not least Shift knobs. This may be a little more oriented to standard drivers but it can still apply to automatics. swapping your shift knob is probably the easiest mod you can do to your car period. It allows you to have the centerpiece of our console be truly yours and once you find one that sits perfectly in your hands jeeeeezzzzzz you are not going to want to get out of the drivers seat. There are thousands of different knobs out there and they all are a little different, some of them are actually weighted and it can actually speed up your shift times by having that extra weight to help you get that extra momentum to get into gear can be the difference between winning and loosing a race. Most of them retail for around $20-$40 so look around and im sure you can find deals. Having that personal aspect to your car gives you an amazing feeling of ownership and self respect and honestly those are probably the main reasons why ill never stop customizing and working on my cars. 




what Darwin never knew

How did the discovery of DNA prove that Darwin’s theory of evolution was correct and how does it change the way we view evolution today and into the future?


the discovery of DNA was a huge thing for the science people. it tied up all the loose ends that were associated with Darwin’s theory of evolution. The discovery of DNA proved that all beings came from a common ancestor because with the discovery of DNA it allowed us to view the evolutionary patterns that are embedded in the code of  the DNA of the organism, and with that information we could confirm 100% that Darwin’s theory was correct. Now we can see in organisms signs of evolution for example us humans have tail bones because we evolved from organisms with tails, but overtime because of evolution we lost our tails because the organisms we became didn’t require that limb and that processes is similar for most species on our planet today



6 Kingdoms


the fern is a green commonly occurring plant that reproduces with pores that are on its leaves it has no seeds or flowers.

 the rose is a flower that has thornes on it


the wolf is a canine that is mostly found in North-America and Eurasia they are manly carnivors hunting in packs.

 the salmon is a fish that goes up rivers and lays its eggs, the salmon eats on other fish.


Foraminifera is a microscopic organisim and it uses its enitre body to feed on particles.

 Radiolaria is a organisim with the diameter 0.1–0.2 mm that produce intricate mineral skeletons, typically with a central capsule dividing the cell into the inner and outer portions of endoplasm and ectoplasm



   Mushrooms are the most common type of fungi you will find. they are used as a food scource for many organisims

  Sac fungi is a form of fungi with a cylindrical shape and looks like a inside out mushroom.


 A thermophile is a form of bacteria that lives in extreme temperatures

Rédaction #1 Guide de survie

Guide de Survie

Félicitation vous avez terminer l’école intermedier et vous étes au école secondaire. Avant que vous commencez vos nouvaux vies il y on a quelques aspects que il faut que vous sachiez pour survivre l’école secondaire. Pour quoi est ce que vous devriez écouter aux moi. Premierment moi j’ai été dans le 9e anné je sais comment le sentiment est et deuxiement, moi je suis dans le 10e anné je sais tout les choses  ennuyeux que les 9e font. Allors laisse nous commencer.

Je vais commencer avec le régle le plus important, si vous devrez prendre quelquechose de cette document prend cela, s’il vous plait ne regarde pas votre télephone et marche dans le couloire. quand vous fassiez cela, cest comme une invitation pour les autres de vous détestez. Quand vous regardiez a votre télephone ca vous cause a marché très lentement et ca cause les autres autours de vous qui essayons de y aller quelquepart de marcher plus lentment et perssone aime ca. Alors s’il vous plait ne fait pas cela, si vous vraiment devriez regardez a votre téléphone allez au coté du couloire dans les caissiers ou il y on a pas des persones qui essayons de marcher.

Il y on a une autre régle que vous devriez suivre si vous voulez avoir une temps extrordinaire au l’école secondaire. Cela est quand vous êtes au cours ou méme quand vous êtes avec votres amis, ne acte pas comme vous êtes supperieur de tout le monde autre. Je ne peux pas exprimer comment cela est enuyeux. Si vous faites cela non seulment les autres étudients vont pensser mal de vous mais votres proffes vont penser mal de vous et cela est le plus pire. Si vous faites cela et votres proffes commence as penser mal de vous ca vas detuire votre anné. Alors juste acte normal est pas comme les idiots.

Alors cest tout, oui cest si simple seulment deux régles principaux a suivre. Ne marche pas avec ton télephone dans vos mains dans le couloire et aussi ne acte pas comme vous êtes supperieur dans vos cours ou dans l’école. Si vous suiviez ces duex régles vous auriez un temps extrordinaire au l’école secondaire

Core comitancy Activity

Before doing this activity i knew very little about the core compitancy’s, but after completing this assignment and seeing how different people and there careers link to the different compitancy’s it helped me understand what they are and what they mean. In the real world



these core compitancy’s can be helpful because it gives you a chance to see what you have done in the past and you can see what type of person for example if you did something that falls into the category of creative thinking and you were really proud of it that could lead you into a profession that involves more creative thinking.