A Midsummer Night act 3

Pick one of the main characters involved in a love’s quarrel. Your assignment is to write an advice column to one of the characters. What advice would you give Hermia, Lysander, Demetrius, Helena, Oberon and Titania to avoid another problem like this in the future? Your paragraph should be 7-9 sentences long.

Dear hermia now you see what happens when you do not follow the ruels bad things. Now i know it is not mainly your fault but some of it is for Example if you had not gone into the woods you would have never had to cross paths with puck and all of this commotion would have never happend . If you are going to run away do it in a smart way and dont tell anyone about it because that could ruin your whole thing witch clearly as you see It has. When you are running away go to a place where their are still a few people. Dont run away to a place with no food shelter or civilisation. Also if you love someone else you dont have to rub it iinto your friends face because that can ruin a really good friend ship. What if Your friend liked the person you were dating than that could be a cold shoulder to them.

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